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RACHEL collection by Khan Academy (P/S), a huge collection of OER
or (if the size of your disc drive is small)
Wikipedia for Schools (English) (P/S) This curated selection of articles from Wikipedia can be used offline by school children around the world. 6000 articles, 26 million words and 50,000 images make Wikipedia for Schools bigger than Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia put together!

English Language Training (P/S)

African Children Story books - English (P) These enjoyable, illustrated stories will assist young children as they learn to read. Gathered from African communities, they include characters and topics more familiar and relevant to children there.
African Children Story books - English(2) (P)
African Children Story books - in the 11 official languages of South Africa (P)
(check out this folder for more African Children books in more African languages (P)

Cat and dog children books (P) Cat and Dog Books are funny and easy to read.

Bino and Fino (P) - Nigerian cartoons - Teaching children around the world about African culture and much more.

Book Dash Books - African storybooks for children (P), available for anyone to freely print, translate and distribute. BookDash believes that every child should own a hundred books by the age of five.

Pre-School books and videos to learn reading (P) Fantastic Phonics is a complete 16 week intensive reading scheme for schools and families, with 60 printable stories, multimedia and video.

English Children's Storybooks (P) - A collection of storybooks in English from several sources.

Mustard Seed Books provide high quality books in English for beginning readers (P)

Algebra2Go® for Beginners (P/S)

Educational content Pre-School - class 8 (P/S) The Core Knowledge Curriculum Series provides comprehensive, content-rich learning materials based on the Core Knowledge Sequence. Student readers, teacher guides, activity books, and other materials are available for Language Arts and History and Geography.

Feed the Monster (P/S) - teaches your child the fundamentals of reading. Collect monster eggs and feed them letters so they can grow into new friends!

Math Expression (P/S) - Math tutoring materials including videos, study tips, practice questions and step-by-step solutions.

Women in African History (P/S) - A collection of comics, biographies, and audiobooks on prominent women from African history.

125+ computer and software tutorials by, including MS-Office and Windows (2015) (S) Hundreds of high-quality illustrated articles and videos focusing on technology, job training, reading, and math skills, produced by the Goodwill Community Foundation.

openstax Textbooks (S), a selection of post secondary textbooks in business, mathematics, humanities, social science, science, and technology.

College Credit Courses from World Possible (S) This is a collection of courses that can help you earn college credits in a variety of topics. The courses are gathered from a variety of Open Educational Resources, and reorganized by World Possible, the team that maintains RACHEL. College credits are granted through CLEP exams. The College Board's College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for over 40 years, accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities and administered in more than 1,800 test centers, including in many prison facilities.

Saylor Academy Textbooks (S), over 100 Free Textbooks covering a wide range of topics that can help with earning college credits.

training material Tanzanian exams (S) These test examples from The National Examinations Council of Tanzania are a useful guide for study and preparation.

Training material The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (S)

Adults books and videos to learn reading (S) Fantastic Phonics for Adults is a powerful collection of literacy tools - including over 140 lessons and almost 300 videos.

CK-12 Textbooks - High quality textbooks on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) from (S).

Educate! (S/T) - provides youth with skills training in leadership, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness, along with mentorship, to start real businesses at school.

Siyavula (S/T) - Mathmatics and Physical Science Textbooks and Teacher's Guides (grades 10-12)

Teachers' resources from the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa IICBA (T).

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